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Active learning and team work in groups while taking everyone’s needs into account, so we will learn from and with each other. Or individually to accommodate the perfect learning environment for you personally. I’m looking forward to hearing your wishes and adapting my service to suit your needs.  


As a teacher I want to give children the best opportunities to develop their skills. Therefore I make sure they know what they are doing by involving them in their own learning process. I make sure my actions suit their needs and level. I create a safe environment where children are able to show their talents and where everyone is able to develop in their own way. I am patient and know the educational needs of every individual in my class. My positive approach and the confidence I have in my pupils allows me to encourage them to learn and become more advanced.

As a Bachelor of Education I’ve taught in different schools with children of all ages for ten years now. During the years I developed myself as a teacher to know what goal we need to work towards. I am always aware of the importance of working together and I am open to others input and feedback.
Since 2013 I have been a qualified Mater of Education after graduating for my Masters Pedagogy, a study I already used to get a broader perspective on my previous profession. I focused on change processes and I was responsible for the implementation of Social Skills and Active Learning and coaching of my colleagues. I used my professional experience and my knowledge from my Masters to broaden my base and to strengthen my ability to lead and inspire people in the change process.

During my study and work I also volunteered for Edukans, they are committed in identifying the best possible education in developing countries. I’ve been to Africa a couple of times to work with teachers and students, to coach them and improve their teaching skills by using Active Learning.


Dutch Classes: Dutch Pre-School – Dutch Primary School – Individual Classes

Dutch Pre-School

Starting to learn Dutch

Dutch Pre-school is thé place where children between the ages of 0 and 5 will learn Dutch in a way that suits their age and interest. Dutch Pre-school prepares children for Dutch Primary School (see below for more information).
The philosophy behind Dutch Pre-school is as follows: children between 0 and 5 years will develop the Dutch language through group conversations in a circle, language games, storytelling, listening, reading, singing, playing and being physical active. Participating in a group of children where they will learn from and with each other is paramount.
Pre-school’s working method is as close as possible to the method of Dutch classes. This makes it easier for your child to make the transition to Dutch classes.

Children aged 0-5 year and their parent(s)

Sunday mornings 10-11 am

Pregnancy and Parents Centre, Edinburgh

Every session is in Dutch and has a Dutch theme. We always start with a 15 minute walk-in so you can prepare yourself for a common start in the circle where we will sing Dutch children’s songs. Everyone can join in and will try to sing in Dutch. We focus on spoken Dutch during this part of the session and the children will actively participate. The children will practice speaking and listening in Dutch.
After our common start we will split into two level based groups. Children aged 0-2,5 year will play with their parents, there will be toys available. The parents will speak in Dutch and there will be Dutch children’s music playing, so the children will be exposed to a lot of Dutch sounds and words. Children aged 2,5-5 year will get Dutch language education suiting their age, level and interest by a qualified teacher. We will explore the theme further and the children will learn theme related Dutch words.
We will finish each session by Dutch story telling in a big circle.

Dutch Primary School

Learning Dutch

Primary school aged children

Friday afternoons, 2-3.30pm

James Gillespie High School, Edinburgh

Every lesson is in Dutch and has a Dutch theme.
We always start with a chat and talk about the current theme. We focus on theme related words which we then practice using during the lesson. There is a lot of interaction and active learning in my lessons. I encourage the children to speak in Dutch all the time, so the children are using the Dutch language as much as possible. Every lesson we’ll do group work. We will also work in sub groups based on each level and there’s an opportunity for the children to work individually at their own level. We end every lesson by looking back and reflecting on what we have learned.
Prior to each lesson you’ll always receive an e-mail detailing the content of that lesson.

Private lessons

Personal coaching and support based on individual needs

Children and (young) adult who want to learn the Dutch language

Personal support and coaching based on individual needs and at an individual level. A personal tailored approach on interest and previous experience.

Personal coaching and support can also be given via video chat.


  1. Dutch Communication For Beginners, for Basic Dutch language skills
    Learn to speak and listen in Dutch in two courses.

    Each course has 15 modules which will take 1-2 hours per module (based on level, learning curve and skills).
    Finishing both these courses will bring your Dutch speaking skills from level 0 to level A2, which is needed for Dutch Integration Course.
    Material is included for these courses.
  2. Dutch Beginners Course for Intermediate Dutch language skills
    Learn to speak, listen, write, read in Dutch. And learn about Dutch vocabulary and grammar.

    End level of this course is A2, which you’ll need for Dutch Integration Course.
  3. Dutch Advanced Course for Advanced Dutch language skills
    If you want to prepare for Dutch State Exam Program I or II you’ll need level B1 or B2. I can provide a course from level A2-B1 and an exam course which brings you from level B1 to level B2 and prepares you for the State Exam.


Dutch Pre-School
Try-out session Free*
0 – 2,5 year and one parent £ –
2,5 – 5 year and one parent £ –

You’ll receive a 10% discount for every extra child when you sign up two or more children per family.

The fee for Pre-school includes all lesson material needed, tea/coffee and biscuits for the adults. It is £2,00 for every additional adult per session.

Dutch Primary School
Try-out lesson Free*
Cost per lesson £ –
Cost per lesson (2nd child)  £ –

The fee for Primary School includes all lesson material needed.

There are three terms per school year:

  1. September – December
  2. January – March
  3. April – June

You’ll sign up per term, so you don’t need to sign up for a full school year.
You can also sign up anytime during a term.

If you know in advance that your child cannot participate one of the lessons, you do not have to pay for that lesson. You won’t receive a refund if you/your child can’t make it at a later stage. However, you will receive a refund when the teacher can’t make it and a lesson has to be cancelled.

Before a term starts you’ll receive an invoice via e-mail. Your payment should be made upfront, before the start of a term.

Private lessons
Hourly rate £ 31,25

The lesson material for the two ‘Communication for Beginners’ courses are included.
A workbook for the other courses costs about £50,00. This includes access to online training material for 12 months


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