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As a teacher I want to give children the best opportunities to develop their skills. Therefore I make sure they know what they are doing by involving them in their own learning process. I make sure my actions suit their needs and level. I create a safe environment where children are able to show their talents and where everyone is able to develop in their own way. I am patient and know the educational needs of every individual in my class. My positive approach and the confidence I have in my pupils allows me to encourage them to learn and become more advanced.

As a Bachelor of Education I’ve taught in different Dutch  schools with children of all ages for ten years now. During the years I developed myself as a teacher to know what goal we need to work towards. I am always aware of the importance of working together and I am open to others input and feedback.
Since 2013 I have been a qualified Mater of Education after graduating for my Masters Pedagogy, a study I already used to get a broader perspective on my previous profession. I focused on change processes and I was responsible for the implementation of Social Skills and Active Learning and coaching of my colleagues. I used my professional experience and my knowledge from my Masters to broaden my base and to strengthen my ability to lead and inspire people in the change process.

During my study and work I also volunteered for Edukans, they are committed in identifying the best possible education in developing countries. I’ve been to Africa a couple of times to work with teachers and students, to coach them and improve their teaching skills by using Active Learning.


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