Wee multilingual child scientists wanted

De universiteit van Edinburgh doet onderzoek naar hoe jong meertalige kinderen starten met het leren van woorden. Ik heb niks met dit onderzoek zelf te maken maar denk er wel aan om deel te nemen. Wie weet is het ook wat voor jou en je kind(eren)? (Zie hieronder voor meer informatie)


Edinburgh university is conducting research into how young multilingual children learn words. I’ve got nothing to do with this research myself but might participate as well. Maybe you are interested too? (See below for more information) 


LEL is conducting research into howyoung multilingual children(aged around30 months) learn words, and is looking for parents and their kids who would like to participate.

Your child should receive input in

to be able to participate.

In the study, your child will be sat on your lap looking at pictures and then listen to sentences, while their eye movements are being recorded. The study will take place at7 George Square, University of Edinburgh, and the whole session lasts approximately 40 minutes.

To thank you both for your participation, your child will receive a certificate of participation, and you will be thanked with a voucher for a beverage at Peter’s Yard cafe.

If you and your child would like to participate in this study, please contact the experimenter Kate Repnik (k.m.repnik@sms.ed.ac.uk) to make an appointment.This study is approved by the Linguistics & English Language Ethics Committee.

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